Specialized Hosting for Blockchain Projects

Blockfinance ECO AG offers specialized hosting for complex Blockchain projects looking for extra security and privacy.

All our data-centers have the necessary security and availability measures in place like ISO-27001, ISO-9001.

Access control, backup electricity generators, fire control and suppression systems in addition to redundant data backup server systems by default.

The network connections bandwith are all high speed and can be set up to at custom speeds if required by the customer.

We employ secure KVM Virtualisation on AMD-Architecture processors and can accommodate custom requirements such as high availability Database, Webservers and Blockchain Clusters.

Geo-Redundancy data centers are being used to ensure data integrity and availability. All servers use RAID systems and redundant power supplies.

Snapshots and backups are encrypted and kept on off-site tape drives backup servers and completely isolated for long-term storage (up to 30 years).

SPS Hosting


Geo Redundant

Backup Encryption

Isolated Server Systems



Located in Liechtenstein and Switzerland

Highest Data Security



Custom Setups

High Availability Servers

10Gbit/s Connection Speed