Bitcoin White Paper

To get a basic understanding of Bitcoin we recommend starting by reading Satoshi Nakamoto’s original whitepaper.

Here you can access the original document in English:

The official website also makes available other languages here.


Official Logo and Bio for press articles to download

BIO BlockFinance ECO AG

BlockFinance ECO AG is a Liechtenstein-based company that specializes in developing secure Blockchain and IT-Security solutions. 

BlockFinance ECO AG can access a large international competence team from its company group, with more than 15 years of experience in Blockchain and IT Security. 

Everyone at BlockFinance ECO AG and its partners is dedicated to providing our clients with personal and discreet consulting services, help them take advantage of our CryptoWorkspace Suite, and solve their secure data hosting needs if necessary. 

BlockFinance ECO AG offers all the necessary services from its offices and data centers located in Liechtenstein and if required from Switzerland, meeting the the highest security standards and data protection regulations. With our expertise, we’re committed to helping our customers overcome any challenges they face in the world of Blockchain and IT-Security and help them focus on developing their Blockchain projects and make them reality.

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Logo description

A logo is a face of a company, one of the main ways to recognize it. There are several standard criteria for a logo: Uniqueness, Readability, Adaptability, Memorability, Versatility, Timelessness, and Simplicity. 

We adhered to these criteria when creating the logo.

Let’s analyze the logo on several levels: form and content.
The logo consists of blocks combined. These blocks symbolize blockchain technology and are associated with the IT and Blockchain sphere.

As for the content, the blocks in the logo create three letters E, C, and O – Engineering, Consulting, and Operation.

We used orange, the color of Bitcoin, strongly associated with our field of activity for the target audience.Also, we chose a font that emphasizes the progressive, digital character of the logo.